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Buena Vista Ltd. was founded in 2000. Our main business is trading routes. We compile our trunks selecting high quality routes from Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers maintaining competitive price.Also we have a large amount of direct DID geo numbers in Austria for sale.
We are connected to a few Tier 1 telecom providers in the EU and specialize in providing reliable routes mainly intended for retail traffic. We deal with Wholesale and call center traffic on special arrangements.

Our main destinations are in Europe but we can also offer quality routes to a number of destinations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Also we provide two-factor authentication allowing people quickly register and login to a number of pages or applications where such authentication is required. Only a phone number or email address will be needed — no password. Besides the simplicity 2FA minimizes the risk of authentication fraud.
If you think our services can be of use for you, please send your targets so we could see if there is an area for cooperation.

Please feel free to ask for our latest push list and get back if you find the routes to use.